Do the effects of Rolfing last?

Most often the benefits of Rolfing last many years after the initial 10 Series. Some people continue to improve without any further work. However, bodies change, injuries and accidents occur and additional work can be [...]

What do I wear to a Rolfing session?

Because I need to see your structure before, during and after a session, most clients, both men and women go through the sessions wearing the following: Men—boxer briefs or loose fitting exercise shorts (no traditional [...]

Can children be Rolfed?

Children can greatly benefit from Rolfing. Rolfing can correct childhood structural patterns. Rolfing can help with pigeon toes, knocked-knees, rounded shoulders, and scoliosis. Rolfing has also been beneficial in relief of adolescent growing pains. Sessions [...]

Does Rolfing hurt?

Contrary to popular misconception, Rolfing is not always painful. Any discomfort in response to Rolfing pressure is an indication of the amount of chronic tension stored in the tissues of the body. It is the [...]

What if I don’t complete the series?

Whatever work you receive is complete in itself. Your body will continue to adjust in response to that amount of work. Even when there are significant time gaps between the beginning and end of a [...]

Why ten sessions?

Rolfing is usually done in a series of 10 sessions (known as the Rolfing 10-Series) in order for the Rolfer to address the entire body, but clients can come in for fewer sessions. A series [...]

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