Chiropractic differs from Rolfing in that it focuses on the bones and skeletal system. Chiropractic techniques often involve thrust to alleviate symptoms of pain or tension within the body.

The practice and goal of massage is to relax muscles, improve range of motion, and improve circulation. While “deep tissue” massage may influence releasing specific patterns of structural strain, the overall goal and intent of the work is not in bringing better balance to the entire body.

In contrast, Rolfing works with the soft tissues of the entire body – fascia, muscles, ligaments and tendons using sustained pressure and asking for client movement to release chronic patterns. Rolfing considers the relationships within the body with the intention of bringing greater balance, adaptability, and integration to the body, allowing for greater support and function. Rolfing is a partnership between practitioner and client–working together to achieve the goals. Chiropractic, massage therapy and Rolfing are complementary practices.